Share files confidentially.

What is it?

Framadrop allows you to easily share files like, for example, when you want to send an attachment by email and the file exceeds the maximum allowed size.

Upload a file
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Your files will be uploded on the Framadrop service. Other CHATONS and structures also offer a similar service with open access.

Full list of 3 listed instances.

Getting Started

Framadrop is a free online service that allows to share files in a confidential manner.

  1. If necessary, set the retention period online.
  2. Paste the file to be transmitted.
  3. Then share the given link with your correspondents.

Your files are encrypted and stored on our servers without our knowledge. possible to decipher them.

To help you in the use of the software, here is a tutorial video realized by arpinux, a landscaping craftsman from the GNU/Linux distribution for beginners HandyLinux.


Framadrop is based on free software Lufi developed by Luc Didry.

Lufi is licensed under GNU AGPL v3.

The sources of Framadrop are available on [our forge]. software](

This site works very well with Firefox and Chrome, but badly on Safari and not at all on Internet Explorer.

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To participate in the development of the software, propose improvements or simply download it, go to the development site

If you wish to install this software for your own use and thus gain autonomy, we help you on :